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This is a great series --- thanks, especially on behalf of those who don't already know. I spent early childhood in Japan with an amazingly loving Japanese nanny Moriko, so that inspired me to learn the truth years ago since her family was from Nagasaki. Somehow she not only was mature enough not to take it out on me as a U.S. military junior in payback for the atrocity of the U.S. leadership but also was compassionate beyond measure. Perhaps deep grief lends, in song lyrics fashion, to more room in a broken heart. Or a function of national moral injury inspiring countervailing moral behavior.

The denial of atrocity perpetrators cannot be characterized as anything but evil, with infinite love as the only real balm I've found. Moriko as a Buddhist Shinto was more "Christian" than the S. Baptist Truman who dissembled and covered up about the nuclear hell he unleashed as president, that's for sure!

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